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By using VoiceOver, the user can access their Macintosh or iOS device based on spoken descriptions and, in the case of the Mac, the keyboard. The feature is designed to increase accessibility for blind and low-vision users, as well as for users with dyslexia. A preview had also been made available for Mac OS X VoiceOver treats the user interface as a hierarchy of elements, which are navigated by various keystrokes.

Getting Started on a Mac with VoiceOver

Elements also are "interacted" with—for example, interacting with a text box allows reading its text and, if possible, editing it; interacting with a scroll bar allows it to be moved using the keyboard. VoiceOver also includes support for many Braille displays for those who are both blind and deaf. In addition, VoiceOver includes features for those that cannot use the mouse, such as keyboard-based navigation.

How to use VoiceOver Training

For users with MacBooks or Magic Trackpads , a number of special multitouch features are also available. The trackpad will respond to gestures, much like iOS's version of VoiceOver.

Free Text to speech on Mac- Computer reads out everything

A specific example is using the trackpad to explore the actual visual layout of elements on the screen - sliding one's finger around the trackpad will activate elements. In Mac OS X Previously, the voices were directly descended from those used in Apple's "Speech Manager," which originated in the early s.

Also, Alex voice has natural breathing, unlike all other voices in Apple. Accessibility Inspector is made to verify the accessibility of OS X applications.

Apple OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard – Making your computer talk

It displays information about the GUI element that is currently under the cursor. This assists users of the iPod Shuffle in controlling the playback of songs by having titles read out. With the revision of iPod Shuffle, the user can also have VoiceOver read out playlists.

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  • The iPad , since its introduction, has also had VoiceOver capability. VoiceOver on iOS interacts with the user by using various "gestures," different motions one makes with one or more fingers on the display. Many gestures are location-sensitive—for example, sliding one's finger around the screen will reveal the visual contents of the screen as the finger passes over them. This enables blind users to explore the actual on-screen layout of an application. A user can double-tap—similar to double-clicking a mouse—to activate a selected element, just as if a sighted user had tapped the item.

    Basic navigation

    VoiceOver can also turn off the display but leave the touch screen sensitive to touch, saving battery power. Apple calls this feature "Screen Curtain". It is also available on Mac computers running OS X. VoiceOver for iOS is activated using the "Settings" application.

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    It can be found in the Accessibility section under the General section. The device can also be configured so that VoiceOver can be toggled by a triple-click of the Home button on the device.

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    Figure 1. Check the On radio button circled above to enable VoiceOver. By default, OS X will display an overlay window in the lower-left corner of the screen with the text indicating that VoiceOver is running Figure 3. VoiceOver will read this text and, depending on the verbosity options, begin reading information from the currently focused window.

    VoiceOver - Wikipedia

    Figure 2. VoiceOver Overlay window. VoiceOver is highly configurable. A discussion of the VoiceOver options is beyond the scope of this document. The reader is encouraged to click on one of the links in the More Information section below. The Division of. Enter your search terms.