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Getting frame rate drops? Need Help.

So for the past few months Ive been getting frame rate drops not sure if correct term in everything. Not just gaming, but browsing, watching videos, everything. When I edit in final cut pro and go for playback it tells me I have frame rate drops, and the music or clip will cut out for just a second or two several times within a ten second interval.

When I play a game such as League of Legends or Minecraft the same thing happens, my FPS suddenly plummet and it freezes for just a second or two then resumes. I have awesome connection with my ISP so its not that. I did Disk Speed tests, I cleaned out my entire mac of all files I didn't need, I did a "spring cleaning" I rebooted into safe mode and a bunch of other modes I cant name.

FPS drop in macOS Mojave and HotS - Mac Support - Heroes of the Storm Forums

Im not an expert or anything close to that when it comes to computers, so if someone can give me a solution that would be great. Also I took it to the Apple store a few months ago to replace the motherboard because the USB ports weren't functioning. When I got it back now that i think about it, thats close to when this problem began. Also my Keyboard lights never work, since I got it back. Anyways, I get lag in anything I do, even scrolling down sometimes. I also wonder if it could be a graphics card issue? Not sure.

FPS Problem

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