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How To Remove All Headers And Footers In Word?

I'd simply start with a 'clean' version with no Header, Section Breaks, etc. If you wish, insert a Page Break following the content on the first page so you won't have to create one every time you generate a new document form the template. When you do create a new document, just click at the beginning of the 2nd page.

Thanks again, Bob, but again nothing changes - the header appears as soon as I get to it with more content, that's the same whether it's with or without a section break, and from wherever I start typing. On your second suggestion, that is what I've tried to do previously and - yet again - the header is repeated on every following page.

Big Idea #2

Ticking the 'different first page' button has no affect going on my experience. By the way, I'm not entering the header content directly as that would defeat the object of using a template.

I'm afraid I don't follow your final paragraph on use of a Page Break, though. I don't 'need' a section or a page break, it's just using a section break was suggested by other posters as a way of forcing the header to effectively 'turn off' - only it doesn't - on the following pages. Please help.

Beginning page numbers anywhere after the first page

Writing a book where page number 1 starts on actual page 12 of document. No problems, but I want a headed of those numbers pages only NOT including the new chapter heading it would be redundant. When I do what you suggest, all of my page numbers are out of wack and each chapter now starts as page 1??? I have word , any suggestions? This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

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Microsoft Word for Dissertations

In the popped-out Document Inspector dialog box, only check the Header, Footers, and Watermarks option in the dialog box, make sure other options unchecked. Then, click Inspect button, after inspecting the document, click Remove All button in the dialog box, see screenshot:.

And then, click the Close button, all headers, footers as well as the watermarks have been removed from the whole document. Note : If there are watermarks in the document, they will be removed as well. Sometimes, you just want to remove the horizontal line under the header content, in this case, I will introduce a use tool- Kutools for Word , with its Clear Header Lines feature, you can remove all horizontal header lines from the header with only one click. For using this feature, please download and install Kutools for Word firstly! After downloading and installing Kutools for Word , please do as this:.

And then, a prompt box is popped out, please click Yes button, see screenshot:. And all the horizontal header lines under the header have been removed at once. Tip: Other languages are Google-Translated.

How to Delete a Header or Footer from a Single Page in Word

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Pages for Mac: Add and remove headers and footers in a Pages document

Remove the header and footer from the first page in active document Remove all headers and footers in active document Remove all various headers and footers in active document with VBA code Remove all various headers, footers and watermarks in active document with Inspect Document feature Remove all header lines in active document with an amazing feature Remove all horizontal header lines but keep header contents from a whole Word document.

With Kutools for Word 's Clear Header Lines feature, you can remove all horizontal header lines but keep the header contents from the whole document with only one click. Click to download Kutools for Word! But, have you ever tried to insert the chapter title to header or footer, so that, the content of the header or footer is depended on what chapter the page is in.

This article, I will talk about how to solve this job in Word document. In all other versions, from the Insert menu, select Page Numbers Leave Show number on first page checked. In all other versions, click Format Using this method, your document should have no page numbering before the point you selected. Later, you can add page numbers to the first portion without harming your custom numbering.

To restart or customize your page numbering at a later section of the document, follow the same instructions. This is document aivk in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on