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I have even used Breezesys software on an old Asus HE netbook and was quite happy.

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Monitor: This is basically one of the mail reasons you are shooting tethered, right? The rules are simple, the bigger and higher resolution the monitor is, the more details you will see. Another thing you wanna be aware of when selecting a monitor, and particularly a laptop, is glare. How easy it will it be using it outside.

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Can it be viewed in sunlight? Or make a hood? The system has all the stuff that a tethered photographer needs — a non slip table, a non slip mouse pad and a cup holder. Both the cup holder and the mouse pad are optional, but I warmly recommend using a mouse pad when you shoot. It is so much easier than fiddling with the small touch pad. Software is what drives this entire process. Without it your computer is just connected to a very expensive USB Drive. Here is a comparison of the more common software, I have personally used only 3 of those, so it is spec based.

Workflow The workflow really depends on what you are using for software I usually use Lightroom 4 but the basic steps are always similar. Here is a short walk through on how it works in LR and a few slightly random tips. First thing is plugging the camera into the computer and letting Lightroom identify the camera. You can than select the setting for the capture session. A watch folder is a folder that Lightroom keeps an eye on and takes action whenever a file is placed in that folder. So if you are using a different program for tethering, you can still automatically import to a Lightroom catalog if the watch folder matches the other program folder.

This is it folks. As you can see it is a pretty easy setup, and once you have a camera, possibly free software and a laptop you are good to go. Udi Tirosh is the Founder and Editor in Chief of DIYPhotography, he is also a photographer, a relentless entrepreneur, a prolific inventor and a dad, not necessarily in that order.

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  • Proof read, please… this article is helpful but oh-so-painful to read with all the grammar mistakes and incorrect words. Udi, no apology necessary. Are you paying for this information? If not sit back relax and enjoy the free advice. Because I know you get it. Oh no! Udi, you were amazing in this post and helped out a bunch! Thank you SO much!

    How many languages that you can read and writes, Jamie? The guy is doing a good job, for a small issue with grammar should not be a big deal. If you are irritated. Is there a tethering program that runs both Live View for Nikon video recording and is available to use on Mac? I see the only Nikon compatible program is Windows only. So im stuck with the good old capture then import as DNG until it is possible to capture to DNG from a tethered camera. Hey Udi, I tried to find some software a free one, for Mac.

    Do u know maybe about that? By the way, I loved the article Thank u. Great article — thanks. Btw: TetherPro does support Canon cameras a recent addition! Would you mind updating please? Great post about tethering and the workflow setup! Thank you for featuring the Tether Tools JerkStopper! Much appreciated!

    Fully recommended for Android users. I do pet and family photograpy and have been looking for some software where I can hook camera to laptop and shoot ,see photo at same time on pc then print.. Specifically Nikon Coolpix P Hello people… greetings from Spain. I am looking for basic technical advices on the choice of both camera and software for tethered shooting TS. Most of what I can read is oriented towards classical photography… for which no offense I have very little interest. My needs are focused on unusual applications for TS for scientific purposes. I have been using PSRemote software coupled to a Cannon A85 camera in order to pick up signal from a very faint source of light placed in a black box.

    I am now thinking that maybe it is time to invest a bit more money and find a better camera that will proove more robust than compact cameras and more importantly that will give me far more exposure time. I liked PSR very much for its ease of use during this initial phase but I could as well adapt to a new environment as long as my prerequisits are fulfilled. I do not need anything fancy or sophisticated, just something reliable, affordable, easy to use and robust… many thanks in advance for your advices…. Talk to you soon…cheers…JPG. Then load the EOS Utility on your computer. If you are a Sony lovers.

    Here are the only cameras that can do un-tethered or USB tethered to Windows:. Sony SLT-A99v 4. Sony A7 series 6. Sony SLT-A65 7.

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    Sony A 8. Sony A 9. Sony A X. Sony A This is a major drawback coming from Sony. Very useful article.

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    I learned exactly what I was searching for — the way to secure the USB cable to stop it coming out of the camera! Oddly enough my D is and works fine with any USB cable being teathered though software or simply direct connect for downloading files.

    BEST software for shooting tethered in a studio or on location. Shooting tethered for more control

    Perhaps you are confusing Nikon with Apple proprietary products who routinely alter connectors on new models? I found a way to connect o digicam, but my cord is literally two feet long, which is a problem. Mainly just connecting to devices via app that are about the same size of my camera screen like my phone.

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    Please help! Udi, great and helpful article. I used Lightroom and it was painful slow. In the Linux or Mac computer world, DarkTable is a very high end post production software designed by photographer for photographers, It also provided Tethering and it is all free open source. I would like to find a compact camera that can be connected to the computer, but if I cannot find I will look for all DSLR brands that offer this function.